Our Services and Training Programmes


At present, all our client interactions are online.  


We have developed a variety of products which our clients enjoy and which have been tailored to suit online delivery. These include:


  • COVID-19 Trade Advisory Service. Identifying the practical implications of COVID-19 for your business, pinpointing possible stopgaps, solutions or opportunities. We are helping companies to apply for government funding and financial supports in Ireland and the UK. During the current shutdown period we are offering our services free of charge.


  • Brexit Advisory Service. Identifying the practical implications of Brexit for your business. 

    Subjects covered include:

    - Commodity codes and tariffs.
    - Non-tariff barriers to trade.
    - Currency.
    - Customs procedures and paperwork.

- Rules of origin.
- Movement of people.
- Diversification strategies to identify future markets. 

  • Anticipation Service. A monthly report, analysing the latest developments in the EU-UK Free Trade Agreement negotiations, what they mean for your organisation and how they affect your existing preparations.


  • Identifying New Suppliers and Customers. We have experience in helping companies break into new markets, including the identification of new suppliers and customers.  Most recently, we have: found buyers for Indonesian forest products, including major cosmetic companies; helped Caribbean exporters enter the EU market and linked them with distributors; and helped identify and develop a partnership between a supplier of a product and the largest distributor of that product in the Far East.​


  • Workshops and Training Programmes. Subjects include:

- Customs Procedures and Paperwork.

- Completing Export and Import Customs Declarations.

- International Trade Negotiations.


We offer bespoke programmes tailored to the needs of your organisation. 


  • Study of EU Trade Agreements. A report to help companies understand the opportunities available to them under existing EU trade agreements. We can concentrate on particular markets/agreements as needed, and of course cover agreements other than those with the EU.


  • Capacity Building to Identify Tariff and Non-Tariff Barriers. Often, companies will want to build internal capacity to be able to identify tariff and non-tariff barriers themselves. We can provide a step-by-step guide on how to do this, including via virtual meetings to train your staff.

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